How to Inspect your Vehicle Post a Collision Repair

How to Inspect your Vehicle Post a Collision Repair


When your car undergoes a collision repair process, it is necessary to check out if the repair work was effective enough before you accept the car back.

At the premise of the collision center where you take your car for the repair job, you need to check all the parts before you drive it back home.

In this there are some points that need to be specifically kept in mind while inspecting your car post a collision repair job has been done.

Focusing on the Parts Given for the Repair

The first thing you need to check about your car after the collision repair has taken place is the current physical condition. You need to start with inspecting those parts that were mentioned on the order sheet of repair work.

For example, if you have ordered for a dent repair, check those dents and even for other places on the car body so that nothing gets skipped out.

Parts Not Listed

Before accepting your car back, even though you are satisfied with the repair work you’ve ordered for, you need to check out some other pars as well, since these parts are usually dismantled and roughly handled during a repair job.

After checking the parts of your car that were listed on the order sheet, now check on the doors, the hood, and the trunk to check out there are no issues with their functionalities. For this, you need to open and shut them back repeatedly fir two to three times.

Check Out the Electrical Parts

During the repair work many times the mechanics need to disconnect the wiring of your car. At times they can then forget to connect them back. So, before you accept your car back from the auto body shop, check the electrical parts by switching each of them on, like the headlights, the ?A?C, the infotainment and music system and every other ones that run on battery.

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You must check the wipers, the charging pad, the cabin light, the USB ports and whatever your car is equipped with, in case you find any sign of malfunction, report the issue to the shop.

Before You Pay

Before you make the final payment at the counter, check the bill details thoroughly, to ensure you are not charged for anything, they haven’t informed you in advance. There can also be repeated entries of the same repair job. To avoid the risk of double payment, check out each and every break- up of the final due amount. If you find any discrepancies, do not shy away to raise a complaint.

Test Drive

Though the repair jobs done by any auto body shop will be related to the car body, it is strongly suggested that to accept the newly repaired vehicle, after checking it out with a test drive. It I only through attest drive that you can come to know, if there’s any component which is not working its usual way. Check out the paint job as well, to ensure that it is not peeling off from the newly repaired spots.

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