Important Facts to Know about Wheel Alignment

Important Facts to Know about Wheel Alignment


Wheel alignment is one of the most important maintenance procedures that makes sure that your vehicle moves straight ahead, by keeping the wheels and tires well under control.

Though wheel alignment is a very common maintenance component done almost everywhere around, there are still some misconceptions evolving around it, that spreads myths and false rumors around. This can be dangerous as well. So here we have gathered a few important facts from a group of certified mechanics who run the department of Spokane wheel alignment, and are sharing them with you all.

Wheel Alignment Improves Steering Performance

Wheel alignment is primarily done to improve the performance and response of the steering. When the wheels move out of its perfect alignment it makes the steering unresponsive and ineffective which can lead to severe car accidents. so wheel alignment is one of the major maintenance components that must be performed at a regular interval to stay safe and also save on your hard earned money.

Kinds Of Wheel Alignments

To know what to answer when your mechanic asks you which type of wheel alignment you want, we are preparing you with the basic knowledge in advance.

Front-End Alignment:

It is the kind of alignment done only on the front wheels and is mostly important for the front-wheel drive vehicles.

Four-Wheel Alignment:

It is the alignment done to all four wheels. it is the kind of alignment which needs to be done on all kinds of vehicles , including the front or rear wheel drive vehicles. The four wheel helps in reducing the abnormal wear on tires and hence enhances the steering response time.


When the rear axle of your car strays out of alignment, the mechanics will create a “thrust-angle” to resolve severe pulling issues. Thrust angle also known as thrust alignment or suspension alignment drastically improves the steering performance. But it is an expensive alignment job compared to the other ones.

Therefore depending upon the type of car you drive and the steering issues you are facing, the mechanics will determine which kind of wheel alignment your car will need the most.

Difference Between Wheel And Tire Alignment

Some novice car users might confuse between the terms “wheel alignments” and “tire alignments,” so let’s know the difference. Wheels are big round metal structures on which the rubberized tires are wrapped on. In a wheel alignment, it is the wheels that are aligned, and never the tires.

Signs that your Car Needs a Wheel Alignment

So how to know that your car needs a wheel alignment? The group of certified mechanics who run the department of wheel alignment Spokane Valley suggested that when the wheels of your car divert out of their alignment, your car will start showing up the tendency to “pull” into one side or won’t respond properly to your steering inputs.

Moreover, the misaligned wheels will also increase the probabilities of generating bald spots on the tires, because of uneven wear, as your car will tend to tilt at one side. The mechanics repeatedly warned us that driving with such balding tires and also when it is “pulling” are gravely dangerous and the body balance of the car gets affected.

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Above that, the misaligned wheels will also increase the level of fuel consumption since the car will get more resistance from the wheels to move.

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