Why Is It Important To Employ A GPS Tracking System in School Bus

GPS Tracking System


Sending kids to school via bus is a trend in India, but is equally a fearful time for parents. In any case, they have no idea whether their kid has reached to the school safely and in time or not. The idea will be there until the kid returns home after school hours.The minds of the parents start racing if in case the school bus is delayed for some unknown reason.

Installing a GPS tracker in a school bus can be an effective solution. It shows the real-time location of the bus and updates the school authorities and parents about the same. The GPS tracking system for vehicles is a reliable and very important tool for school authorities and parents. Below are the reasons why school authorities should install a GPS tracking system on school buses.

  1. Addresses Child Safety Concerns

One of the major concerns for every parent is the safety of their kid. With KENT CamEye, a vehicle security system, parents and the school authorities, get the real-time updates on the bus location. The device sends alerts on registered numbers if there are unscheduled stops, detours. It even lets you know the real-time location via mobile application and SMS, hence, swiftly finds solution during any emergencies.

  1. Acts as a Record Keeper

With the help of device like KENT CamEye, school authorities will be able to check and save the activity of each school bus. The information on the database can also act as evidence when and if accidents happen. All the data is saved on secure cloud storage and keeps the data stored for up to 90 days.

  1. Provides peace of mind

Using a GPS tracking system for school buses offers peace of mind to the parents and the school officials.With the help of KENT CamEye, they’ll be able to know the reason behind the delayed school transportation with real-time email and SMS notification.

  1. Enhances Safety of School Bus Drivers

School admin cannot always keep track of the driving behaviour of the driver, thus, looks for a device that can ensure the safety of the bus and passengers. By installing a GPS tracking system like KENT CamEye, you can get to know the speed, route, halts, and noise inside the bus. With such data, you will get to know whether the driver is driving safely and following the traffic rules or not.

  1. Eliminates waiting time

By using a GPS tracker for school buses, parents can receive real-time notifications via email or SMS when a school bus arrives and departs. Hence, both children and parents can avoid long waiting times and physical stress.

So, KENT CamEye can be an excellent product for school admin and parents. The device has dual cameras that record everything happening inside and outside the vehicle.It ensures the safety of the vehicle and passengers by offering the real-time location of the bus and even allows live video streaming of both the views.The device is priced at Rs.17,999 and, comes with 3 months of free subscription. To book a free demo, share your contact details at [email protected] or call us on 011- 66765030.

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