Why Filter Change is Essential Before Changing the Motor Oil?

Filter Change is Essential


When a vehicle crosses its milestone of 3000 miles, most of its running mechanisms need to get some refreshment in order to run more miles with the same enthusiasm. Among this the motor oil is one of those components that need to be changed without fail. But what is still more interesting in all this is that the oil filter that sits at the mouth of the oil reservoir is changed invariably before changing the motor oil itself.

When we asked the team of mechanics who attended us at the Glendora oil change service center, why this is so, they replied us with the following explanations.

How the System Works

The engine oil is the fluid that is meant to run between the parts of the engine that are made of hard metals. The oil is supposed to create a wall between these metal parts of the engine so that they do not come in close contact with each other and reach the “metal-to-metal” stage that plays instrumental in heating up the engine compartment, and harming the entire mechanism of the car to a significant level. But when the car travels for more than 3000 miles, the oil filter that is meant to protect the engine oil from the external contamination start getting soiled and is not able to filter out the dust and debris any longer. This is the stage when the engine oil starts getting dirty and contaminated. It slowly loses its viscosity and fails to flow through the engine components freely. As a result, the engine parts start reaching that metal to metal contact point and heats up at the minimum provocation.

Why to Change the Oil Filter

So, when it becomes necessary to change the engine oil, changing of the oil filter becomes even more necessary. That is the sole reason why the mechanics will start the entire process of oil change by changing the oil filter first. This way the purpose of oil change becomes successful. On the contrary, if the oil is changed with a fresh one without changing the oil filter, it will take no effect, and the entire exercise of oil change will go futile.

Other Effects of Oil and Filter Change

The level of lubrication plays a vital role in making the car engine work. Without proper lubrication, not only the engine parts will start failing one by one, but it will also affect other related mechanisms like the exhaust system and the oxygen sensor.

So, to maintain the original running condition of the car, the car users need to keep changing the oil as well as the oil filter in regular intervals, as suggested by the manufacturer through the owner’s manual, suggested the team of mechanics who offer oil change & filter service in Glendora.

They rounded up the conversation saying that by executing this basic maintenance service, they can prolong the lifespan of their vehicle. Simultaneously, they can also maintain the fuel economy rate that the car was initially capable of. Lastly, with regular oil and filter change, the car owners can avoid expensive repairs and part replacements.

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