Best Sedans from Mazda to Check Out

Best Sedans from Mazda to Check Out


Mazda vehicles are created with precision and more that makes them one of the best in their class. When it comes to sedans, Mazda still made sure that their customers get the best option available. Hence, two of the best sedans that you can buy from Mazda includethe Mazda3 and Mazda6. Before you buy one from Mazda dealer Glendale, check out these two best sedans in detail.

2021 Mazda3

The base model starts from the $21,700 approximately.This consists of the 2L engine that has FWD drivetrain and 155-hp it has nominal acceleration and quite an efficient vehicle to drive around the city. The next in the line comes with 2.5L engine with 186-hp and lastly, the most prized trim consists of the turbocharged engine that delivers 250-hp with quick acceleration and available with auto as well as manual transmission.

Massive improvements can be seen on the 2021 model and various features of it. Each model is superbly gas efficient and offers 36 mpg and 28 mpg on highway and in cities. However, the non-turbo 2.5L engine would offer 35 mpg and 26 mpg on highway and city respectively. Lastly, the turbocharged 2.5L engine 31 mpg (highway) and 23 mpg (city). These numbers are quite higher than its rivals in this class.

Coming to interior design, cabin space, etc. Mazda3 provides remarkable upscale features that would impress anyone. High grade materials are used for making the interior design and ensure that it looks luxurious from every angle. Also, the cabin is roomy enough for people to sit with ultimate comfort and with ample legroom. In addition, people can carry quite a few carry-ons with seats unfolded as well as stowed.

Though the base trims starts from $21,700, it is better to opt for top-tier trims like Premium ($28,000), 2.5 Turbo ($31,100) or Premium Plus ($33,600).

2021 Mazda6

Similar to Mazda3 this vehicle also offers two different engines that would power the car. One is a base model that creates 187 horsepower while the turbocharged one produces 250 horsepower along with a huge 320 lb-ft of torque. This is the powertrain most people choose to enjoy what a Mazda car has to offer when it comes to performance and ride quality.

Proficient auto six-speed helps with smooth gear-changing operation and also its suspension system delivers smooth and comfortable rides even on rough roads. Mazda6 offers same mileage as Mazda3.

Interior design is luxurious in nature and looks costlier that what price of this vehicle is listed.Also, it offers a spacious cabin for people to sit adequately without any issue and also hold ample carry-ons if required.Going inĀ Glendale Mazda dealership, you will get a better picture about the interior aspect and more.

The base model starts from $25,500 approximately; however, buying a top-tier version is advised like the Signature trim or Carbon Edition for having access to numerous features and amenities.

So, all facts are laid out in front of you; all you need now is simply choosing which would be more suitable to your needs and budget!

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