The best-selling cars in France

The best-selling cars in France


he Peugeot 208 and the Renault Clio IV are the best-selling cars in France in the first ten months of the 2019 financial year. Discover the Top 30.

Updated on 08/11/2019 at 3:19 pm] MOST SOLD CARS IN FRANCE

  In the ranking of the best-selling cars in France, the month of October was one of stability, in total contrast with the previous month, the ater of many changes including that for the status of leader. As a reminder, in September, the Peugeot 208 had stolen first place from the Renault Clio IV , but it was hardly surprising. Indeed, although still commercialised, the fourth generation of Clio is gradually eclipsed by the arrival of the fifth opus. Moreover, since last June, the Clio V logically continues to rise in the hierarchy, now pointing to 15 erank with 31,676 sales (1.7%).

At the top, the Peugeot 208 is credited with 81,729 registrations from January to September 2019, representing a market share of 4.5%, according to figures published by the Committee of French Automobile Manufacturers (CCFA). In its wake, the Clio IV claims 76,119 units (4.2%). However, by adding the registrations of the recent Clio V, the city car to the diamond is much better than the 208 with a total of 107,795 registrations (5.9%). Arriving on the third step of the podium at the end of February, the Citroen C3 III retains its rank behind its two direct competitors with 68 684 registrations (3.8%). Thus, the three French rivals on the B segment accumulate 14.2% of sales.

The most sold SUV status currently in France is the Peugeot 3008 II

 , credited with 61,595 units (3.4%). The Top 5 is still completed by the Dacha Sanders and the Renault Capture . In order, there are then two Peugeot models, the 2008 and the 308 II, then the Renault Towing III and the Dacha Duster II, which overflows the Citroen C3 Air cross during this month of October.

Over the last year, the Volkswagen Polo VI had beaten the Toyota Saris III as the most sold foreign car in France after an intense crossover. At the end of October, the first quoted fell back just behind its rival (14th to 31,838 units against 13th to 34,530 units). Note the 33rd place of Renault Zoe , leader of the 100% electric segment . Over the first ten months of the year, it is credited with 14,854 registrations, representing a market share of 0.8%, as in 2018.

To discover in photos the Top 30 most sold private vehicles in France from January to October 2019, use the slide show at the top of this page.

WLTP: changes on the French market?

On 1 st September 2018, the approval cycle WLTP was officially established in the 28 member states of the European Union. All new homologous vehicles must now comply. Compared to the NEDC system that was previously in effect, the WLTP cycle is supposed to better reflect actual consumption and CO2 emissions. Logically, the values ​​displayed by the vehicles will climb. SUVs could thus be the most penalised vehicles because of their weight. This could have a non-negligible impact on this ranking.

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