2019 Honda Amaze Sells 30000 Units In 3 Months

2019 Honda Amaze Sells 30000 Units In 3 Months


Most of a people inverse money on brand car in the market, why because such company can deliver the special features and updated model car to meet real comfort to use in the day today life. Honda becomes best choice for the major people who are looking inverse money on buying the car in the showroom. Especially the Honda Amaze comes as first and top most choice in market.

 This automobile build with the sedan body type which meet and deliver the catchy look when compare with other model car in showroom. It has five seat capacities that are applicable for the small family and build with the 4 door option to enjoy special comfort for a customer.


 The engine has In-line cylinder configuration support with 4 cylinders, and then it transmits high speed power and engine boosted with a 4 valves per cylinder. When driving this car let to meet 1199 cc with the power of the 90PS @600 rpms. Then engine is located in a front transverse and it has compression ratio up to 16:7:1 that transmit high level of speed on road.


 This car has front wheel drive driven train with the automatic support and also it provides five manual gears to drive with additional comfort and support.

 In the front part of a wheel has ventilated disc brakes that deliver additional comfort to stop the car suddenly. Torsion beam coil spring support in the rear suspension part of a car which avoid the major back pain after a long travel. This automobile has 2 airbags in front end pat of car and drivers make use of a engine immobilizer that provide better comfort for and also it designed with the rear sensor parking assistance support which let to meet better comfort for the drivers to active a car. There is special additional security such as a child safety locks and also has door ajar warning, then it assist to avoid the major risk on travelling. There is an option for a children safety such an ISOFIX and also central locking systems that deliver a additional security assist for a car.


 It builds with a power windows support of 4 door and also power steering with a electric powers that provide comfort turn at any location. Then traveler can access a both analog and Digital instrument console which provides additional comfort to play the major games and connect a audio file to hear during a travel. For a driver can access a adjustable steering column and also seat are made with the fabric in a fine manner. It has rear center armrest and also cup holder on each seat so you can allow your arm to rest without meeting any risk and trouble of it. This automobile has option of both cool and heating air conditioning support without meeting any risk of it. This car support CD/ MP3 / DVD players.

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