How to Know When You Need New Brakes: 5 Warning Signs

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Are you worried about your car? Noticed any issues like strange sounds or it feels different while driving? Something that seems small could be a much more serious issue, especially if it’s connected to your brakes.

If you’re wondering how to know when you need new brakes, there are several warning signs to look for that might clue you in. And the more you know about your vehicle and how it works, the more likely it is to get fixed and run as it should without you needing to break the bank.

1. How’s the Sound?

If you’re hearing high pitch sounds when you hit the brakes, it could be time to get them checked out. Sometimes this occurs after rain or snow and is due to a thin layer of rust, but if it doesn’t stop after you stop a few times in the car, it’s likely time for a checkup.

You may also hear grinding when you brake, which is one of the signs you need new brakes and may even need new rotors. If the brake pad is completely worn away, it could be causing the grinding sounds and could be causing your car damage.

2. How’s the Drive?

Another sign to check your brakes is if when you do go to stop, the car pulls in one direction. This might mean you need the brakes readjusted, or it could be a problem with the brake fluid.

3. Low Response

If you can remember driving in a new or like-new car, and the brakes were so sensitive in comparison to your car now, you might need to get them checked. If there’s nothing between the brake and the floor when you’re trying to stop you might have an air or brake fluid leak.

4. Bad Vibrations

If you feel the pedal move when you’re hitting the brake, bumping, or vibrating, it could signal a problem with the rotors. It’s important to clean brake rotors when they’re installed. The vibrations could be from a warped rotor, or due to a build-up of rust that wasn’t properly cleaned previously.

5. How Do They Look?

Something you should get in the habit of doing whether or not you’ve experienced the above brake symptoms is to check your brakes with a visual inspection. You can check the brake pads, and how worn down they might be, by looking between the wheel spokes.

You’re not guaranteed to know what could be wrong, but it helps to check and see if the brake pads could be part of the problem. When you check the brake visually, it can be a useful tool for how to tell when you need new brakes and is something you can do without any training.

How to Know When You Need New Brakes: Explained

By following these signs that you need new brakes, you should be able to diagnose any future or current brake problems, and get them fixed before it’s more than just the brakes.

Hopefully, this article answered your questions about how to know when you need new brakes. And if you found this helpful, check us out for more great automotive tips.

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