5 Things to Know Before Driving a Motorhome Cross Country

Driving a Motorhome Cross Country


Are you looking for a fun and unique vacation idea?

If so, you should consider renting or purchasing a motorhome and driving it cross country. A cross country road trip is an incredible experience that your family will never forget. You’ll make a lot of new memories, and see sights you wouldn’t normally see.

However, road-tripping across the country takes slightly more care and planning a typical vacation.

To help you get started, here are five things you need to consider before driving a motorhome across the country:

  1. Create a Budget

Driving across the country can be expensive, so you must do some research ahead of time to figure out what it’s going to cost.

Gas and food will be two of your biggest expenses, so take some time to research gas prices around the country to get an idea of what you will spend. You should also budget money for things like toll roads and lodging or campsites if you need to pull over and sleep. Make sure you have some extra money saved for any emergencies you may face on the road.

  1. Plan a (Flexible) Itinerary

Before you hit the road, you should have a plan for where you’re headed, but don’t forget to be flexible. Unexpected obstacles may come up, such as a traffic jam or inclement weather, that will prevent you from reaching your next destination. So you must always have a plan A, a plan B, and maybe a plan C.

  1. Take Your Time

Staying flexible on the road is crucial, and so is being patient with yourself and your family. Be realistic as you develop your schedule, and don’t plan too many things in one day. For example, it’s probably not realistic to spend five hours hiking in one place and then tackle a 14-hour drive to your next destination.

Take things slow and give yourself a time buffer in your schedule. Road trips can feel very long at times, and you want to enjoy your vacation. You don’t want to be exhausted and tired of driving when you’re only two days into your trip.

  1. Keep Kids Entertained

A cross-country road trip will likely include long periods of time on the road, leading to a lot of bored kids and family members. Make sure you bring along plenty of activities to keep young ones entertained in between stops.

Many motorhomes will have room for a TV, so stock up on their favorite shows and movies to watch. You can also bring along board games, puzzles, arts and crafts, and any other activity that will help the time pass before there’s another exciting sight to see.

  1. Get Insurance

Before you leave on your road trip, you need to plan for the unexpected. You can do this by getting proper insurance for your motorhome. Your automobile insurance may not extend to your motorhome, so make sure you double-check what is covered and purchase more coverage if necessary before you leave home. For more information, check out Shield Total Insurance.

Learn More About Driving a Motorhome

Driving a motorhome across the country is one of the best vacations you will ever take. If you take the proper time to plan, you’ll have a great and safe trip. Make sure you check out the rest of our website for helpful travel tips.

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