Advantages of Switching to Synthetic Motor Oil

Advantages of Switching to Synthetic Motor Oil


It is just till few years ago, all the vehicles used to use natural oil to lubricate the engine and its related parts. It has its own set of advantages as well disadvantages, which prompted the automotive engineers come with a better solution, reducing the disadvantages of using natural oil. It was primarily the viscosity issue that used to make the engine dead when the outside temperatures went down. The introduction of synthetic oil did address many such issues that were earlier commonly faced by car users.

That is why most manufacturers and automobile experts recommend the car users to switch to synthetic oil. When asked about those advantages, the technicians running the San Bernardino oil change service were proud to say that the count of its advantages are many.

Synthetic Oil is Actually Made from Natural Gas

The word synthetic might get associated with too much of artificiality that many people tend to avoid. But when it comes to automobile, the synthetic oil serves more purpose than the natural oil, as it has inherited all the good qualities of the natural oil, while all its disadvantages are eliminated from the extensive process of refinement.

In other words, all the synthetic motor oils are in fact, over processed natural oil, that could eliminate the effect of outside conditions on its properties like viscosity. It could clean the dirt, dust, and debris more effectively from the engine compartments, as the synthetic oil is engineered to keep flowing at the same pace irrespective of the temperature of the car body and engine. To put it in simple words, it helps keeping the engine cleaner and thus can manage to protect it in a better way. As a result the engine can deliver higher quality of performance and can run longer without an oil or filter change.

Other Advantages of Using Synthetic Oil

Many car users wonder about what extra benefits can the synthetic oil bring about. Most people are curious because they could notice a slightly higher price quoted on the tag, than what the conventional motor oil does. The makers of the synthetic oil justify that it is the price for the science and effective results you will get to enjoy.

In natural oil, the base oil that makes up nearly 80% of any motor oil is formulated and given additives to make up for the rest of the 20%. In synthetic variety of motor oil, the base oil being more chemically processed molecules will generate more number of uniform properties while the natural oil tends to differ even in shape and in their levels of impurity. Today 70% of new cars are making their engine compatible for the synthetic motor oil in order to obtain the original performance abilities.


Behind the newfound synthetic oil there is a revolutionary gas-to-liquid technology working to attain a complete protection for the engine with the help of maintaining cleaner pistons, higher fuel efficiency, excellent horsepower protection, maintaining equal performance rates even in extreme weather and lastly obtaining unsurpassed wear protection.

When we went for an oil changing session at the oil change service near San Bernardino, they recommended a highly effective synthetic oil that really improved the performance of the same old car.

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