Tyres have proven to be one of the most fundamental precautions needed to be taken when talking about road safety. A good tire keeps your driving condition in shape while bringing users comfort and satisfaction.

A road user must make sure he/she is buying the best tire for his/her vehicle. This tends to bring about reduction in road accidents and other unforeseen circumstances. Dubai Tyre shop hand-picks the cheapest, most reliable and in terms of quality, the best tires you can find in the city and beyond.

This is why Lexani tyre brands are amongst numerous types available at Dubai Tyre Shop. In the next few sentences of this article, we are going to be looking at some of the reasons why Lexani tyres might just be the best deal for you and your company.


The ability of a car tyre to have a long-lasting life is one of the best features about it. Customers will not have to worry about changing their tyres anytime soon. It gives road users the feeling of safety and satisfaction.

Lexani tyres are also pleasing to the eye. They are able to give your vehicle a unique look with their impressive treading and design.


Lexani premium tires works efficiently with a good number car models in the market ranging from luxury motors to heavy duty trucks and SUVs. Let’s look at some of them; Honda, Toyota, Peugeot, Porsche, Mercedes, Ford, Lincoln, BMW, and Lamborghini.

No matter the type of car you use, Lexani tyres have got your back. There are many sizes and features to make customers feel every penny was well spent.


One of the major reasons customers run away from some tyre products it’s the price tag. Who would blame them when there are so many sub-standard tyres in the market today? Lexani tyres do not only promise affordability and one that suits your budget, these products are made of top quality and worth your trust.


Lexani tyres are said to be extremely versatile to survive various weather conditions and road situations. Whether in extreme heat or cold atmosphere, they are strong enough to withstand virtually any temperature when cruising. Also, with its strong grip, there is no need to be afraid of skidding in the rain any longer.


With its growing landscape and potential to grow even further, UAE has become a hub for tyre shops. This is due to the fact that roads are one of the most important aspects of a city.

Sharjah, Al Quoz, and Dubai are examples of cities in which Lexani products can be easy to find.

You can find Lexani brands in any of our stores near you where you will be offered the best services. To get Lexani tyres online, visit the official website or contact one of the help centers to inquire for more information for fitting services today; +971 5562 69517, +971 54420 4322.

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