What are the essential papers you need to check before buying a used car?

What are the essential papers you need to check before buying a used car


If you are planning to buy a car, many options are available in the market. The primary thing that you need to decide first is to choose the option of buying the new and old car. Both have their own benefits. The market for reselling of used cars has increased a lot in today’s time. You will get many better options for used cars that give the pleasure of new models. If you are buying old cars from the dealers it may be a good decision. Dealers always sell certified cars that give a mental piece to the customer. All the certified used cars in fort worth sell by the dealers in almost half of the price of their original value. Sometimes we encounter few cases around us in which a cheat seller sold the stolen car which later becomes a problem for the customer. To avoid this mess you should buy a car from any known person or go to the resell car showroom. The most important thing that you must do before done the deal is to check the various documents related to the vehicle. Ask the seller to go to the RTO and inform them about the selling of the car. The various documents you should ask to check from the seller are:

  1. Registration Certificate: The registration certificate is given to the buyer by RTO. This certificate includes all the primary information about the vehicle. It is the most important document you need to check before buying an old car. The engine number and chassis number of the car are mentioned in the registration certificate what you can match at the time of checking.
  2. Car insurance papers: All certified cars must have insurance papers. These papers will tell you about any accident held with the car in the past and also mentioned the number of insurance claimed. Insurance papers also involve information regarding premium payments and whether they are paid regularly or not.
  3. Road tax receipt: When a vehicle is coming outside from the showroom there are many one-time taxes impose on it what the customer has to pay. Sometimes people avoid depositing the amount which in result becomes a heavy volume including the penalty. You must ask the first owner to show a receipt of road tax.
  4. Invoice of car: An invoice is prepared by the showroom at the time of buying a new car. You should ask the owner to show the invoice of a vehicle for satisfaction.

Conclusion: Buying a used car can be a good decision but after checking all the essential documents. The deal of buying a used car is beneficial only when it is certified and in good condition.

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