The Following Before Taking Any Car Insurance Cover

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Whether a new car or a used car, it’s compulsory to have a car insurance cover for every vehicle on the road due to the dangerous driving conditions. This ensures the safety of the road users involved in a road mishap. It’s very difficult to land a great deal for your car insurance, therefore, keeping your vehicle insurance premiums from increasing is an area where everyone wants to win but nobody knows the rules. With the following tips, you will save some money on your car insurance premium. They include:

Comparison is the key

Visit the various motor insurance providers and compare their insurance premiums charges. As the type of motor insurance plan varies, the premiums may also vary. For better coverage, the payment will be higher. Before finalizing the insurance plan, make sure you read the printout carefully.

Always activate your policy

When your policy lapses and it becomes inactive. Therefore, you aren’t eligible for any No Claim Bonus (NCB). Hence, always keep your insurance plan in an active state.

Evaluate your voluntary deductions

The total sum that the insurance buyer is supposed to pay if there is any road mishap is the voluntary deduction. You will get the entire claim amount when an accident occurs and your voluntary deduction is zero. Your insurance provider pays the remaining amount if you have an insurance policy with a specific amount as a voluntary deductible. The premium share and voluntary deductible share an inverse relationship, therefore, the lower your car insurance premium amount, the higher the voluntary deductible. Carefully evaluate all the consequences when there are any voluntary deductions.

The car’s model

Whether you are buying a new or used car, the model will directly affect your insurance premium. There is a car rating system in place for every make and model. Therefore, if you are interested in buying a new car, consider this point and ask your insurance provider about it.

Expensive gadgets will hike your insurance premium

Whether you’ve installed, customized, or modified any expensive gadget in your cars such as alloy wheels, exterior modifications, or rear spoilers, it is going to affect your insurance premium. Your insurance provider will analyze your driving style based on such customization and modifications. When it comes to deciding the insurance premium amount, the result won’t be in your favor.

Being good has its perks

In the case of an accident, a ‘bad driver’ may have to pay 40% more on their car’s insurance premium if at fault. A ‘good driver’ is less likely to file a claim, and if they don’t do so, they are rewarded in the form of a No Claim Bonus.

Installing security devices can decrease the premium

When they are installed in your automobile, security devices serve a double purpose. This helps to decrease your insurance premium and protects your automobile from theft. Some safety features such as security alarms and airbags can affect the insurance providers in determining your insurance premium.

Don’t file claims for small expenses

When one doesn’t file any claim on their automobile insurance plan, they are entitled to a No Claim Bonus for a claim-free year, which is approximately 20% of the insurance premium. You won’t be entitled to any NCB if you file a claim for small charges such as minor repairs. Therefore, analyze the amount of the NCB that you would earn and compare it with the repair charges. Feel free to file a claim for the same if the repair charges are higher than the NCB.

Getting a car insurance premium is important to any car owner. The insurance covers are beneficial to the car owner and other road users when an accident occurs. There are changing policies and regulations in insurance but it’s important to know the above before taking any insurance cover.

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