The Different Types of Motorcycle Helmets

The Different Types of Motorcycle Helmets


Any rider would know that the number one and most important safety gear when riding a motorcycle is the motorcycle helmet. Motorcycle helmets have saved thousands of lives. The laws in your area may not include the imposition of wearing the helmet, but a motorcyclist has to wear one to protect themselves in case of any accident

There are different types of motorcycle helmets, and it’s important to look into each one and compare them in terms of safety. Riders must check how the helmet fits their heads and the features that their helmets must have.

There are six types of motorcycle helmets you can use today namely full-face, modular, off-road, open face, half, and dual-sport.

Full-Face Helmet

This type of helmet is considered the safest since it covers the entire head and neck of the rider. The chin bar is its distinguishing feature which cannot be found in other types of helmet. According to a study, the chin suffers the most from severe impact 50 percent of the time compared to other parts of the body. Recently, the full-face helmets have been added with new features which include bluetooth capable speakers, visors that adjust to sunlight, and high-visibility color options and designs.

The Open Face or ¾ Helmet

This type covers the top back and sides of the head but the face is left exposed. This is more popular for scooters, cruisers, tourers, and cafe racers since this type allows them to feel the air on their faces. The distinguishing factor of the helmet is its lack of chin bar which makes it less safer than the full-face helmet. They may have partial or full-face visors to protect the rider’s eyes from sunlight. There are models though that may require it to be bought separately.

The Off-Road Helmet

This type of helmet does what its name implies. It is best for riding on off-roads and dirt roads. It is not great for the city street and highway use. It comes with a larger visor and a more defined chin bar to ensure better airflow. These helmets are designed to ensure maximum protection, ventilation for the warmer months, and minimum weight. More often, it doesn’t include eye protection so the rider must wear goggles or glasses for protection.

Modular (Flip-up) Helmet

This type of helmet is a mix of ¾ helmet and the full-face type. The chin car and the visor can be flipped open for the front part of the helmet to be exposed. The materials and fit are the same as those of the full-face helmet. It weighs more than the full-face helmet.

Dual-Sport Helmet

This is also known as Crossover, ADV, Hybrid, or Enduro. This type of helmet is a mix of the off-road helmet and the full-face type. The exterior is much like the off-road helmet but its internal comfort and padding are the same as the full-face helmet.

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