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There is excellent news for owners of new and used cars: modern detailing technologies will provide professional car care and preserve its perfect appearance. Studio Max Protect is ready to offer a full range of detailing services for the maintenance of the interior and exterior of your iron horse.

Experienced technicians at car detailing service, which is highly trained in detailed car care, can perform the miracle of upgrading a used car to a new or nearly new appearance.

Detailing services

Detailing services at the studio include:

  • Detailing washing is a process aimed at gradually removing contaminants from the car body. It is the most delicate wash, which is primarily aimed at preserving the car’s visual appearance after it has already been in detailing services. Detailing washing is needed to maintain the vehicle in good condition.
  • Detailing dry cleaning is another unique service that is also aimed at carefully preserving the vehicle’s interior during its cleaning. The specialist who performs it knows all the nuances because working with chemical compounds in the car interior is associated with the risk of damaging one or another element with these compounds. The detailer will never work on leather with compounds that can damage it.
  • Detailing polishing is not just mindless removal of all scratches. You need to understand that the car’s varnish coating is the vehicle’s main protective layer, and by removing deep scratches, you can leave the car without its protective layer. And here detailing shows its careful attitude to the client’s car.

Reasons for detailing

Detailing requires the hard work of professionals who have everything they need — materials, equipment, appropriate premises. As a rule, detailing events require quite a lot of time and entail high costs. But modern cars are much more expensive. Therefore, it is not advisable to refuse professional care and protection or try to save money by trusting unskilled employees to provide detailing services.

Why choose a professional studio

There are several reasons why many car enthusiasts prefer to have their detailing done in a professional studio:

  • Qualified artisans will do the job at the highest level.
  • The company works only with high-quality branded materials.
  • The prices will pleasantly surprise you — discounts and bonuses for regular customers.

It doesn’t matter how old the car is. Specialists in detailing will be able to offer high-quality services for cleaning, processing, and updating surfaces inside and outside the vehicle. For each, a list of works will be compiled that will allow you to achieve the desired result and not go beyond a specific budget.

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