Maintenance Tips That Will Make Your Car Last Longer

Maintenance Tips That Will Make Your Car Last Longer


Owning a car is a great achievement. May it be new or used. You have to look after it to ensure it will serve you efficiently. Second-hand cars require extra affection, making them more challenging to maintain than the new ones. Having a maintenance procedure ensures your vehicle has a longer span, and keeps its performance at the highest level. These tips will save you a lot of money in the future in terms of service money. Below we have a look at some tips you should consider to make sure your car lasts longer and works efficiently even without needing to visit an auto-repair shop.

1. Drive keenly

Avoid accelerating your engine when starting up your car. This makes the engine to wear off quickly. Accelerate with a small tempo when you start driving. Change to neutral whenever the vehicle is not in motion i.e., in traffic jams. This makes sure the engine has enough time to rest.

2. Conduct inspection of the fluids and the tire pressure often.

It would be best if you checked your tire pressure as often as they arethe most important determiners of your safety. This regular habit helps you save time and finances. Checking the tire pressure and rotating them will ensure you have a comfortable drive. It would be best to note down days when you will conduct these activities if you find yourself forgetting.

3. Ensure your battery works fine

Check your cables and the connection to the terminals. Check to see if any leakages or unnecessary build-ups are occurring. Use a battery cleaning brush to dust the terminal. You can also apply oil to ensure corrosion does not happen again. Ensure the lighting also works well.

4. Shuffle your tires and make sure they are balanced evenly

Rotating tires is the main factor to consider if you want your tires to last longer. Car tires do not wear evenly, so you should inspect each tire individually.

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Rotating the front and the back tires will ensure that the tires wear off in a balanced manner, thus increasing their span. Ensure your tires are aligned well to prevent problems with the control wheel.

5. Make sure your windshields are clean.

A dirty windshield hinders good vision to the driver. Failure to clean your windshield might lead to visual impairments, which is among the main reasons why accidents occur. Make sure your wipers are working correctly to make you ready for the rainy seasons.

5. Ensure the cooling system works fine

There can be damage to the hoses that hold the coolant due to excess heat. A leak will occur almost immediately after this happens. Local carwashes will save you the hustle by checking the cooling system for you, but you should always feel free to inquire if you have doubts. Checking the hoses will ensure leaks do not occur. You should, however, replace the ones that are not in the right working conditions.


With the above measures followed keenly, your car’s condition will be in good shape, and it will serve you efficiently. These measures go on to ensure you are safe whenever you are behind the wheel.

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