How to Take Care of Your Motorcycle During a Lockdown?

How to Take Care of Your Motorcycle During a Lockdown


The worst pandemic to have hit the human race, COVID-19, has crippled the world and brought life to a standstill. As we all are trying to cope with the current new normal, there is a lot of confusion about how long this situation will last. Hence it is very important that necessary measures are taken to get normalcy back in our lives. The onus lies on each one of us to follow all the protocols, stay safe, and try and control the spread of the virus. While the authorities have recommended staying at home as the most effective way to control the spread, most people have restricted their movements and stayed indoors.

With people locking themselves inside, vehicles like private cars, motorcycles, etc. have also been forced to be stationed in one place for months. While at home, most of us are taking extreme care to keep our immunity and fitness levels high. However, many people tend to forget that vehicles need a little TLC (tender loving care) too! If you don’t maintain your motorcycle, especially during monsoon, and keep it stationary for a long time, you might have to prepare yourself for additional expenses when life finally resumes with a tinge of normalcy. Today, we are going to talk about how you can take care of your motorcycle during a lockdown.

Maintaining your bike during the lockdown

Tip 1. Clean the Bike

Rust is the primary enemy of your two-wheeler. Ensure that your bike is thoroughly and cleaned and remove any existing dirt or mud which can cause rusting.

Tip 2. The right place to park

One of the most important factors for bike maintenance is choosing the right parking spot. Since we don’t know how long the motorcycle will be stationed in one place, it is necessary to park it in a place which is:

  • Safe from collisions, tree branches, and other mishaps
  • Does not have pests like rodents or bugs that can damage your vehicle
  • Away from sewage lines and drain covers
  • Easily viewable from your window

Tip 3. Sanitize the bike

In case of an emergency, if you need to take the bike out, it is necessary to sanitize all the touchpoints which will be in direct contact with your body. Hence, sanitize the mirror pods, handle grips, tank, keyholes, etc. Do not forget to wear your mask at all times.

Tip 4. Good cover

Invest in a good protective cover for the motorcycle. A waterproof bike cover would be a good bet! This will prevent the rainwater seeping into the paint, electrical switches, and lights. As mentioned earlier, no-one knows how long the lockdown will continue. Hence, to protect the bike from exterior elements, please ensure it is covered at all times. This will also ensure the durability of the paint and protect the metal bars from rusting.

Tip 5. Take good care of the tyres

Under normal circumstances, when the bike is parked, usually the side stand is used. This is fine if the bike is being parked for a few hours. However, during the lockdown, since the two-wheeler might be stationary for days at a stretch, it is advisable to use the centre-stand. This reduces the pressure on the tyres and the suspension.

Tip 6. Rev up the engine

Also, make sure to start the engine and let it remain idle for about 5 minutes. Do this at least twice a week, so that the engine oil circulates and makes sure that all the internal components are lubricated, and the battery can recharge. Also, if you think your bike’s battery is causing problems, you might want to call a mechanic to unplug the wires from the battery to avoid drainage.

Tip 7. Use a Lubricant Spray

The lubricant spray should be used on front and rear brake pads, clutch, ignition keyhole, gear lever, fork bolts, and handlebar bolts. This will prevent rusting and tightening.

Tip 8. Fuel Tank

It is advisable to empty the fuel tank and leave only 1-2 litres of fuel to avoid the internal rusting of the fuel tank. Once the tank is rusted, it flows into the engine, air filter, and oil filter, causing it further damage.

Tip 9. Buy two-wheeler insurance

Bike insurance protects the policyholder from the financial liabilities of an unforeseen event such as accidents, or any natural calamities such as fire, flood, earthquake, etc. It also offers cover against man-made calamities like theft. Hence it is necessary to get your bike insured because then you can get financial assistance in case of damage to third party property and/or your own vehicle. Before buying a bike insurance policy online, please make sure you compare the policies available in the market and make an informed decision. Most insurers are offering online two-wheeler vehicle insurance plans – research, compare and choose wisely.


The above tips will definitely be helpful and will go a long way to maintain your motorcycles in the lockdown. It is necessary to follow all the said protocols during the pandemic, and let us all be responsible citizens and try and curb this virus from spreading. Following all the health and sanitation standards, maintain social distancing, wearing masks and gloves at all times when travelling outside the comforts of your home. Also, before you leave home, check bike insurance papers, and ensure that the policy is active. Taking care of yourself and your belongings is of utmost importance. Stay Safe!

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