Five mistakes to avoid when importing a used car from Japan

Five mistakes to avoid when importing a used car from Japan


Japanese vehicle industry gets considered as one of the biggest industries in the world because every manufactured vehicle gives a better performance, mileage and is reliable. Around the world, both new and used Japanese vehicles have a high demand. As per the stats, more than 50,000 used cars get exported from Japan to many other countries like Sri Lanka, Kenya, Australia, Dubai, etc.

Japan’s used car auctions and car exporting services has made the process of buying the car from Japan quite simple, faster and cost-effective. However, just like any other trend, the used car auction trend is extensive and famous, this means, you can easily fall prey to fraud dealers or end up buying a car that possesses many technical defaults. And without a doubt, these mistakes will cost you thousands of dollars.

So, before you jump in for the auction process here are a few mistakes that you can avoid while

importing the used car from Japan.

1- Choose the most reliable exporter:

Japan’s used car industry is widespread and highly popular, and this has made many people open their own shop without proper license and experience. So, choose a dealership or exporter whose business is fully established, has goodwill in the market and provides the most reliable services.

2- Check the car’s history:

Importing a car from one country to another is a significant process. So as a buyer, make sure that you check the car’s history. Find out if the model has been damaged due to Tsunami, an accident or had its odometer rolled back.

Also, see if the car was leased or is a rental unit because lease returns are better than trade-ins at a domestic dealership. Make sure to request the dealership or the exporter to handover the car’s history condition report to have a good idea of your purchase.

3- Inspect the car inspection report:

If you prefer to buy the car from Japanese used car dealer or Japanese car exporter then ensure to request for the inspection report. If the dealership refuses to provide any information or the report, then you must consider finding another dealer.

The inspection report is vital because it will exhibit the problems with the car, thus, preventing you from spending thousands on later repairs.

4- Check the fuel consumption and car certification:

The fuel prices are skyrocketing; this means it is better to settle on a car model that consumes less fuel instead of going for a gas-gulping model that you always desired. There are many sites, that will give you details on the gas-consumption comparison between different car model. Make sure to go through them before choosing one.

Furthermore, it is advisable to prefer certified Japanese pre-owned cars because certified cars are a few years old with a minuscule number of miles and are pre-repaired after a thorough inspection.

5- Don’t get distracted by lower prices:

We understand price point plays a vital role if you are on a budget, but if you get influenced with lower price than chances are that the dealer is a fraud and you may never receive your shipment. Or your low-priced car may come with full of technical faults and issues.

Bottom line

Japan car auction is the best place to find a car model of your choice because there are hundreds, if not thousands of vehicles that are readily available to be purchased.

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We understand that many people who choose to buy a used car are on a tight budget. Thus, it is important that you make a sound decision before you make any monetary transaction. Follow these essential tips so that you do not fall prey to fraudsters lurking out there.

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