Everything You Need To Know About Tesla Wall Charger

Everything You Need To Know About Tesla Wall Charger


If you own an electric car, you know the hassle of charging the vehicle in a public charging station. You’ll have to spend some time and money to power your car. Of course, paying for charging isn’t that cool. But, what if you have more ways to charge your car conveniently? Wouldn’t that be great? Yes, Tesla is bringing models with plugs that can be plugged into the wall. In fact, this simplifies installation, whether you need to install an appropriate 230-volt garage outlet or already have one.

Tesla wall charger

The new tesla wall charger is a convenient and efficient home charging station that allows you to power your car overnight and start the day with a full charge. This is one of the significant advantages of Tesla wall charger as it remains the easiest and most commonly used scenario.

Charging a Tesla with a wall charger is just like charging your mobile phone. All you have to do is, plug in, and leave it alone till the car gets charged. The wall charger powers up the vehicle quickly.

Tesla wall charger can deliver up to 40amps for all models, including model X and long range model 3s. However, mid-range models and standard range cars will only charge at 32amps. This should be more than enough up to about 40miles per hour of charging on long-range cars. As the tesla charger uses a four pin NEMA 14-50 wall plug, it could power the vehicles quickly than the standard Tesla charging stations.

One of the major advantages of using Tesla wall charger is that you can pull the charger off the wall and take it with you for fast charging, especially during long trips. However, it must have 14-15 wall plugs. These plugs are used for electric ranges and large recreational vehicles. In addition to it, it also makes it easier to take the charger wherever you go instead of starting over with a new setup.

In most of the cases, a Tesla EV could be fully charged overnight. However, the charging speed depends on the outlet you have. However, Tesla recommends a NEMA 14-50 to power up the car. That’s a 240V outlet on a 50 AMP circuit breaker. This outlet will power up Tesla Model 3 cars at a rate of three miles per hour. If you have already installed a 240v plug, you could buy the adapters that suit your outlet.

As you see, the fastest and easiest way to charge your Tesla at home is by using Tesla wall charger. Upgrade and power your vehicle quickly. Are you looking for Tesla wall chargers? EVSE got you covered.

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