Different Ways to Rotate Tires for Constant Performance

Different Ways to Rotate Tires for Constant Performance


Tire rotation is always an aspect car owners often ignore or have no idea about. This is the primary reason for people having to spend on new tire sets frequently that required. It is vital that you know what tire rotation is in short as well as understand different ways of rotating tires before going for tire rotation service in Burley.

Tire rotation

Rotation of tires refers to the act of changing tires’ positions of a vehicle periodically. People can opt for tire rotation as recommended by an automobile manufacturer or generally after 5,000 miles. Rotating tires at scheduled period helps experts to check for damages, air pressure, tread depth, balancing them, etc.

Tire rotating patterns

Different drive trains have to rotate tires differently. This is why every type of vehicle uses different rotational patterns. These include:

  • Forward cross
  • X pattern
  • Rearward cross

Have a look at these in detail!

1. Forward cross

In this pattern, the back two tires are changed with front two in a cross patter. It means the left back tire of a vehicle is switched to the front right tire, while the right back tire is moved to the left front.

The front two tires are placed without crossing patter meaning the left front tire is placed on left back position and right front one sits on the right back area. This is the most common tire rotation pattern that professionals choose to opt for during maintenance. It is used for FWD vehicles.

2. X pattern

This is a pattern which can also be called a criss-cross tire rotational method. Here, the front left tire is switched to the back right side position and front right is swapped with left back tire. The left back tire is transferred to the front right position while the right back one is moved to the left front side.

This pattern is ideally recommended by experts for FWD drive trains, specifically for sedans, light-weighing trucks, etc.

3. Rearward cross

This is the exact opposite of what is done in forward cross method. In this tire rotation pattern, the front left tire is shifted to right back tire’s place and right front tire is switched to left back position. The left back tire is placed on left front tire’s position, while the right back tire is placed on right front tire’s place.

This pattern can be used for vehicles with RWD, AWD, or 4-wheel drive train. If you are looking to get more info about tire rotation before opting for it then consulting experts of tire rotation in Burley is the way to go. They can provide you with more details on this subject and offer you suggestions about the best pattern suitable for your vehicle.

So, without wasting any time simply visit such professionals and get your vehicle’s tire rotated immediately. It will increase the longevity of tires and help in saving you more money buy simply not spending it on new set of tires unless you will absolutely have to. Hence, consult pros today for better maintenance of your tires.

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