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Check Engine Light


The check engine light is an indication the car sends to the car user, saying something is wrong at the end of the engine. It gets displayed on the dashboard with all other lights when you key start the engine. But usually it gets turned off within a few seconds, under normal circumstances. It stays on or starts blinking only when things are not in good shape, that are directly or indirectly related to the engine compartment.

The fun of the check engine light is that it can turned on when simple trouble crops up like a loose gas cap, or when it is as serious an issue, like a damaged carburetor or a faulty exhaust system.

It could be something as small an irregularity like a loose gas cap but can be as big as a malfunctioning catalytic converter. But as described by one of the auto experts of the Boise check engine light department, it is indicative of an issue related to the systems like ignition, fuel, exhaust systems and emissions.

However, in the latest models of vehicles the manufacturers have reduced this confusion with the ‘check engine’ light and what it means. The onboard diagnostics system now is able to detect any problem that could affect the engine, so, reading the check engine light issue is largely solved.

What it Indicates

The check engine light s supposed to get turned off automatically with all other lights, once they lit up during key starting the car. But if the light stays back and starts blinking, it is surely a matter of concern. But the issue will be less worrisome if the light is still and not blinking. These issues can be addressed with DIY techniques right away. You can try things like tightening the gas cap, or by replacing the Spark plug. Sometimes changing the oil and the oil filter also do the trick. But if it flickers or blinks, the issue must be addressed by a professional. Like, in case of damaged oxygen sensor only a professional can handle it.

How is it Dealt With?

With Check Engine Light turned on, you can start trying out few DIY techniques. But if they show no apparent results, then you must handover your car to a trained professional or to an auto repair shop.

The mechanics would perform an overall diagnosis on your car engine to decode the “check engine” light indication. They will use an advance monitoring system to do this. Depending upon the results, the car will be sent to the concerned department for repairing or replacing the items that are at fault.

A Last Word of Advice

Though many car owners have the knack of popping up the hood and try to fix up the smaller issues all by themselves, not all of them might have the required knowhow. For them the mechanics who perform the CEL diagnosis near Boise suggest never to take the check engine indication lightly.

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