Car Detailing Gone Wrong And How To Prevent It

Car Detailing Gone Wrong And How To Prevent It


Auto detailing is basically an intricate procedure, which needs a vast amount of knowledge. A well-trained automotive detailer knows the tricks of the trade and can start detailing career prepared and confident. A professional auto detailer also possesses skills about different procedures and products required to create a perfect finish on cars.

However, even though it might not seem like it, there are many car detailing mistakes, which individuals make. Car detailing is a common way for vehicle owners to damage their cars. Even with the best equipment, you will start noticing marks and scratches on your paintwork. When this happens, it is never too late to correct mistakes and prevent further damages through the following tips:

1.  Use a Clean Towel

Whether you prefer using a microfiber cloth or something entirely different, ensure you clean it after detailing work. Dirty towels have particles, which, when neglected, may damage the finish of your car in the next detailing cycle.

2.  Consider the Correct Wax Applications

It is advisable to use recommended wax applicators that come with waxing products. With helpful car care reviews, you can choose a wax manufacturer that includes a foam applicator or small sponge, which will ensure the wax is applied evenly.

If you want to use liquid wax, be sure not to directly pour it on your vehicle. Otherwise, it might result in uneven discoloration or steaks.

3.  Clean Tires and Wheels First

While it is important to clean your car from the top down, you need to always begin with the wheels. By washing the tires and wheels last, all the contaminants you get rid of from these parts may splash up into the paint surface of your car.

Therefore, be sure to clean the tires and wheels in the beginning so as to keep contaminants from covering your car.

4.  Work with the Right Supplies

When detailing your car, always avoid using any kind of supply you get. Instead, you can use Nexgen Ceramic Spray with the right amount of SiO2 (silicon dioxide).

This way, you will provide an extra protective layer to the surface of your car and keep it safe from UVs, water, bugs, and grime, just to name a few.

5.  Avoid Using a Dashboard Protectant

Lustrous leather seating and glistening is a beautiful thing, though don’t mess this up. Avoid protecting or cleaning those sport buckets with anything other than leather-specific products, and bear in mind that some dashboard protectants may damage that supple and smooth hide.

Over time, a leather seat may become glossier as it absorbs things, such as oil from the skin. Though steam cleaning will make a big difference.

6.  Plan Ahead

Detailing is a long game, so you need to think at least four steps ahead of what you’re planning to do at the time. These days, detailing procedures have become simple. Most car owners appreciate and use nano-coatings found in land-based and online stores, all thanks to their long-lasting properties.

However, apart from knowing how to apply coat products, it is only natural to learn how to remove ceramic coating before putting a fresh one. You will know the special techniques or tools that will work better for the removal process by planning.

In Conclusion!

Regular car detailing may help eliminate any surface dirt, though it might not repair the paint job or remove ingrained grime. This is why it may be vital to get your vehicle professionally detailed. Though if you’re one of the avid DIY enthusiasts, you may detail the car with the help of the above guidelines.


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